Vega One Review: All-In-One Nutritional Shake and Protein Powder
Vega One Protein: All-In-One Nutritional Shake and Protein Powder

Vega One Review: All-In-One Nutritional Shake and Protein Powder

After a strenuous workout, a day in the office, or a day doing your daily chores, you need a good meal to get your strength back. You will need to eat a well-balanced meal. It should have all the minerals and nutrients your body needs. To get all these at one helping, you will have to fill up your plate with different ingredients and this will mean more work and time taken to have everything ready.

Now there is a much healthier and easier way to get a healthy dish at one scoop. It’s called Vega One. Vega One is a healthy serving of six or more different types of greens, mixed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega 3, fruits, probiotics and antioxidants. Produced by Vega, a vegan company based in Canada, Vega One has become very popular with sports people, people watching their health, people out to build their bodies with more natural ingredients, vegetarians and weight watchers.

What is Vega One?

Vega One, a whole meal in one bottle or sachet, is a non-GMO product. It is gluten free, low in glycemic and is free of dairy and soy products. One scoop of Vera One contains about 150-200 calories.

Vega One Products

You can get Vega One in many forms. You can get it as a Vega One smoothie, Vega One nutritional shakes, Vega One protein powder, Vega One chocolate bars and many more.


Vega One Nutritional Shakes Review By Every Nutrient

Vega One nutritional shakes is an all-in-one mixture of proteins, carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients. Vega One nutritional shakes are made with Vega One protein powder. These are all mixed up well to produce a smooth tasty shake. There are many different Vega One shake flavors to choose from. There is vanilla taste, chocolate taste, berry taste, vanilla chai and many other different all natural flavors.

Vega One nutritional shakes can also be added to smoothies to make an even better nutritious meal. Add a scoop of Vega One nutritious shake to a smoothie of bananas, apples, spinach, water and ice and you will have yourself a great well balanced all-in-one meal.

Some Kids, who have trouble eating up veggies or are generally poor eaters, will enjoy Vega One nutritional shakes. After a few tries, they become health conscious and stop taking too much junk and derive pleasure from taking their Vega One shakes. With Vega One shakes, you as a parent will find relief in the fact that your child is eating healthy and loving it.


Vega One All-in-One Plant Based Protein Powder Review by Every Nutrient

Vega One protein powder is rich with all the proteins one would need for body building. It has a rich green color. Mixed with any other ingredient of your choice, the green color may not be as appealing but the richness in it is worth the try. Vega protein powder can be mixed with anything. A glass of water or you can add the Vega nutritious powder to your favorite meals to make them more nutritious.

You can also make a healthy nutritious smoothie by blending your favorite mixture of fruits and veggies and adding to your smoothie a generous amount of Vega One powder. Vega One protein powder also comes in different flavors and you can have any smoothie flavor you choose to have.

Vega One products do not contain soy or dairy products. But for soy or dairy product lovers, you can still add Vega One protein powder to your unsweetened organic soymilk to make a base for a wonderful smoothie of anything you want such as pumpkin or banana smoothie.

Vega One protein powder can also be added to almond milk to make nice healthy rich almond milk yoghurt.


Vega One Chocolate Bars Review By Every Nutrient

You can also replace your carbohydrates rich snacks for Vega One chocolate. Vega One chocolate bars have low calories and are a healthy way to snack at any time of the day or night. They are especially good to snack in between meals as they are low in carbs and will not be adding anything unwanted in the body.

Vega One’s Versatility

There are many Vega One recipes you can do from the comfort of your home. A Vega One recipe of a smoothie is easy to do and takes up very little time to prepare. You can choose from any of the following smoothies: apple, chocolate, candy corn, mocha pumpkin and many others. All you need is have your favorite smoothie ingredients, your Vega One protein powder, and then blend them all together and you have yourself a beautiful healthy recipe of great tasting smoothie.

Vega gives you great recipes for other meals too like dinner, breakfast, lunch, desserts and many more.

People out to shed off some weight are not left out too. If you are trying to manage your weight, then Vega One weight loss nutritional shakes is the thing to have. When you want to lose some weight and you are advised to quit taking some foods, it may sometimes be hard especially if you need to avoid foods that you love. Vega One nutritional shakes have diets that are made to make you not miss out on anything. They are good when it comes to diet replacement.

Many people watching their weights are advised not to indulge so much on dairy products, too much carbs and to stay clear of gluten products. Vega nutritious milkshakes are great because they do not contain all these products. People watching their weight or trying to lose some fat provide positive Vega One reviews about the success of the products.

Why Use Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Vega One Protein Powder to Replace Your Normal Diet?

These are some points from Vega one reviews on reasons why to use Vega One products: 

  1. Vega One nutritious shakes and Vega One protein powder are all made from natural plants. They are made from food ingredients that are whole. With every intake of a Vega shake, you will get more than three servings of veggies and other nutrients.
  2. They contain all the ingredients needed by the body for better and stronger growth. These are vitamins, proteins, minerals, probiotics, and omega 3. All these nutrients are conveniently concentrated in one scoop of a Vega One shake or Vega One protein powder.
  3. Vega One products come in different great smelling flavors. Some of the flavors that are found in Vega One nutritious products are: - vanilla, chocolate, berry, vanilla chai and other flavors. All natural.
  4. You can mix the Vega One protein powder or the Vega One shakes with any other food or drink of your choice. The powder mixes and blends easily with any beverage like, water, juice, almond milk and others.
  5. Vega One nutritious food products do not contain anything artificial. They do not have fillers or additives. All the sweeteners used in Vega nutritious products are derived from the natural ingredients.
  6. Vega One nutritional shakes and Vega One protein will help you maintain a healthy diet and if you intend to lose weight in the process, they will help you do that too.
  7. You get mental and physical health that will help you exercise better and go on with your daily chores feeling stronger after a diet of Vega One nutritional products.
  8. Vega one products save you a lot of time in food preparation. Since they already come packed with all the meals you need in one taking, they save you a lot of time in preparing many ingredients to come up with a healthy well balanced meal.
  9. A Vega One nutritious shake is enough meal replacement but it would still be advisable to have a normal meal in between your Vega One shakes. You can still have your favorite meal of meat or chicken and have a glass of Vega One shake.
  10. Vega One nutritious shakes are very ideal as post workout health drinks. They are not only refreshing, but they quickly add back nutrients lost by the body during exercise. They will leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

Vega One Reviews

There have been mixed Vega One reviews on the Vega one Products.

The following are some of the Vega One reviews: -



1. Vega One nutritional shakes and Vega One protein powder have been hailed by many that have used them as healthy, time saving and very nutritious.

1. Some have said that the taste after drinking up the shakes or after mixing the powder with any food of their choice is not very appealing. Some people say the taste of stevia that is in most of Vega One product is awful.

2. They are an all-in-one whole meal and you do not have to have extras to feel full.

2. Stevia, which is present in Vega One products is used to lower blood pressure and is good for sports people. It however has a bitter taste.

3. Weight watchers say the products have helped them in their weight management.

3. Vega One nutritional shakes and generally all Vega One products are pricey as compared to other food products.

4. Parents with kids that have difficult eating, especially greens, have said their kids’ health has made a turn around after introducing Vega One shakes to them.

4. Some few people are put off by the green color.

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