Premier Protein Reviews – High Protein Nutrition Shakes and Bars
Premier Protein shakes are the easy way to achieve your daily protein requirements

Premier Protein Reviews – High Protein Nutrition Shakes And Delicious Bars

Premier Protein Shakes and Bars – The Product Overview

Our bodies need protein for muscle and tissue growth, for good bone health, for a healthy immune system, for good digestion and so many other functions. We get proteins from many sources. Meat, legumes, and dairy products among other sources; so what makes Premier Protein different?

Premier Proteins are healthy protein products manufactured by Premier Nutrition Inc. San Francisco. Premier Proteins are sugar free and fat free protein products. Premier Nutrition Inc. products are all very nutritious and appeal to all kinds of people; from sportspersons to adults, kids, teenagers and generally anyone can enjoy products from Premier Protein.

Premier Proteins thrive in transparency. It is very easy to understand the contents in their products. Led by a team of very dedicated staff, they never fail to deliver and are always coming up with better and more nutritious products that are easily and widely loved by people who use them.

Premier Protein products are delicious essential healthy proteins that curb hunger and fuel your energy. They are a great meal to have to start off the morning.

You can now choose to have a healthy Premier shake in the morning instead of that egg, or bagel or cheese. Whatever you choose to have from Premier Proteins line of products, you will be assured of having a filling and satisfying day no matter how busy you are.

You can have one of the Premier Proteins shakes or Premier Proteins bar for lunch or as a snack.

Premier Protein products are not only tasty and nutritious, they are also a convenient and easy way to achieve your daily protein requirements. Protein-packed foods from Premier Protein like Premier Protein shakes and Premier Protein bars are an easy, convenient and delicious way to help you achieve your daily protein requirements - without all the extra calories, fat and sugar that is contained in so many other food products.

Premier Protein shakes, Premier Protein bars and Premier Protein powder are all the protein you need in small packages. Premier Protein shakes, bars and powder are energy for every day.

Premier Protein Products

Premier Protein has three major products in their line of production. These are: Premier Protein Shakes, Premier Protein Bars and Premier Protein Powder.


Premier Protein Meal Replacement Shake Review by Every Nutrient

Premier Protein shakes are a blend of a very well blended powder manufactured at Premier Nutrition and mixed with different types of ingredients; mainly protein based ingredients to produce a smooth great tasting ready-to-drink protein shake.

The Premier shakes are very light and easy to carry around. Every bottle Premier Protein drink contains about 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 30 grams of protein.

Premier shakes are all very rich in micronutrients. Each Premier Protein drink is rich in electrolytes and well balanced in cholesterol. They also contain the most important minerals and vitamins. Premier shakes are enough meals in themselves. One bottle of a Premier Protein drink is very filling and can act as food or meal replacements since it has protein from milk concentrates, whey concentrates isolate from milk proteins and several other ingredients which make the Premier shakes a whole meal.

The fat mostly used in Premier Protein shakes comes from the sunflower oil. Inulin is used to sweeten the shakes. Inulin is a carbohydrate derived from many species of plants. The shakes are thickened and emulsified by natural cellulose gums and gels and carrageen and datem.

Premier Protein shakes come in the following flavors

  • Premier Protein chocolate flavored shakes
  • Premier Protein caramel flavored shakes
  • Premier Protein vanilla flavored shakes
  • Premier Protein banana and cream flavored shake
  • premier Protein strawberries and cream flavored shake.

Premier Protein shakes are not only refreshing, healthy to drink, and nutritious but they are also are very useful for weight watchers. Other benefits of premier shakes are

Pros of Premier Protein Shakes


1. They are time-saving. Because they are ready-to drink, no preparation is required and you can have them on the go.

2. They are exceptionally a great thing to have after a workout.

3. They are as good as any snack and be taken on the go.

4. They are light to carry

5. They have all the ingredients needed for meal replacement. So if you skip a meal but take a Premier Protein shake, you are good to go

6. There are enough flavors to choose from.

7. Buying them in bulk is cheap.

8. Their low sugar and low fat content is very good for those watching their weight. One can have as much as they want without worrying that they will add a few more pounds.

9. They taste great

Cons of Premier Protein Shakes


1. They too come with a very long and complicated list of ingredients.

2. They are expensive to buy when you are buying in bulk.

3. Some people say that they are not as filling as they are meant to be because after all they are just liquid. Some people feel they need solid food to fill up.


Premier Protein Review by Every Nutrient

Premier Protein bars are very rich sources of calcium, fiber and proteins. They come in assorted varieties and flavors. They play a wonderful role in meal replacements. Premier Protein bars are sugar free, they have no extra calories and they are a delight to eat. Some of the most popular Premier Protein bars come in flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt, peanut crunch, peanut butter crunch, dark chocolate mint and others.

Premier Protein bars are made with hydrogenated oils and corn syrup that is free of fructose. They are all gluten free. They give you the much needed energy even when you have missed your normal meals. They are a complete meal in themselves.

Each Premier Protein bar has concentrates of sucralose and natural sugars. The Premier Protein bars are made from whey protein found in soy protein and milk concentrates. Each Premier Protein bar also has very high saturated fat with good cholesterol. Each Premier Protein bar contains carbohydrates, fiber, iron, phosphorus, calcium and sodium. These are all products that are needed by the body for better tissue and muscle growth and strength.

The bars are easy to carry and are packaged in small quantities. They are crunchy and very filling.

Some of the Premier Protein bars in the market are:-

  • Premier Protein peanut butter flavored bars
  • Premier Protein caramel flavored bars
  • Premier chocolate mint bars
  • Premier Protein honey caramel flavored bars.

The ingredients in these bars include soy protein isolate, milk protein, glycerin, corn syrup, cocoa, chocolate kernel oil, whey powder natural flavors and a few other ingredients.

1 bar serving of any of these Premier Protein bars weighs about 52 grams and has 190 calories. Out of these calories, 50 are from fat. Other nutritional values for each Premier Protein bar include fat - both saturated and trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates - which include fiber sugar and sugar alcohol. Each Premier Protein bar also contains about 15 grams of protein, vitamins A, Vitamins C, calcium and iron.

Positive Premier Protein Bar Reviews


1. Premier Protein bars are thin and crunchy. They are not filling but they are a complete meal in themselves.

2. They are good to eat especially after a strenuous workout.

3. They taste good and are satisfying

4. When bought in bulk, the cost is kind to the pocket than when bought in small quantities

5. They are great replacements for meals and can leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Negative Premier Protein Bar Reviews


1. They all come with a very long list of ingredients. Some of the items listed are new to some consumers and very strange.

2. Some have said that the sodium in the protein bars is high and not so effective for recovery of electrolytes in the body.

3. Some customers have also complained that they are too chewy and need lots of effort to eat.


Premier Protein Powder Review by Every Nutrient

Premier Protein powder like its other products is made from very rich ingredients. Premier Protein powder made from rich whey protein is very easily absorbed. It is widely used by weight watchers, bodybuilders and sportspeople.

Premier Protein powder is used mainly to make shakes and smoothies. You can have all the ingredients you want for a smoothie, like bananas, cherries or anything else and add the Premier Protein powder to make a healthy smoothie.

Premier Protein powder is also used when you don’t want the ready to go shakes but want to make your own shake from scratch. They are packed in the flavors that the Premier Protein Inc has.

Pros of Premier Protein Powder


1. You can choose to make anything you want with all the ingredients you love and add the ideal amount of Premier Protein powder for your preference.

2. Because of its many flavors, you can choose the flavor you want or control how much flavor you need in whatever you are making.

3. It is light to carry

4. It is cheap to purchase when buying in bulk.

Cons of Premier Protein Powder


1. Preparation consumes some considerable amount of time because you have to mix the powder with something else to get a ready to eat meal.

2. It can be costly.

Understanding Premier Protein

Premier Protein products support the body’s daily metabolism and build the body muscles. Premier Protein shakes, Premier Protein bars and Premier Protein powder all play a critical part in the body’s overall health. They nourish the bone, the skin and other vital organs.

Premier Protein products help in better performance of body organs and regulate major body functions. They support a healthier daily metabolism and help curb hunger by making you feel fuller for longer.

Premier Protein shakes, bars and powder also contain amino acids. These two amino acids, essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids, act as building blocks and are required for all protein-based functions within the body.

Each of these, Premier Protein shakes, Premier Protein bars and Premier Protein powder are a complete meal full with the required protein and all the amino acids needed for body building.

Premier Protein recipes

There are many Premier Protein recipes you can use from the comfort of your home. The recipes are easy to follow and they all taste delicious especially when used to make smoothies or to bake with or to make great breakfast and lunch dishes.

A Premier Protein recipe for a smoothie made with Premier Protein powder is easy to make and takes up very little time to prepare. You can choose from any of the following smoothies: berries, peachy, pineapple, chocolate and many others. All you need is your favorite smoothie ingredients, your Premier Protein Shake or your favorite Premier Protein powder and then blend them all together and you have yourself a beautiful healthy recipe of great tasting protein smoothie.

Premier Protein also gives you great recipe options for other meals like dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dessert. You can make a protein bar, protein apple pie, protein eggnog, protein cookies, protein bread, protein oats, protein pudding and so much more.

Many people watching their weights are advised not to indulge too much on dairy products, carbs and to stay clear of gluten products. Vega nutritious milkshakes are great because they do not contain all these products. People watching their weight or trying to lose some weight have provided positive Premier Protein reviews about the success of their products.

Nutritional benefits of Premier Protein products

  • Gets your body moving in the right direction without feeling like it is missing anything
  • Keeps your muscles strong
  • They are energy giving
  • They keep hunger away
  • They are a meal on the go so very convenient
  • Good for healthy aging
  • Premier Protein can help you control your weight
  • They help in strong growth..

Premier Protein Reviews

  • Many reviews on Premier Protein products praise Premier Protein as the best protein drink around.
  • People who work out, use Premier Protein products to maintain a good workout regime and remain fit.
  • Premier Protein has a high protein compound; the Premier Protein bars make an excellent breakfast snack while the Premier Protein shakes are perfect for lunch or dinner.
  • Premier Protein helps in controlling conditions like diabetes
  • Some people have complained that the Premier Protein bars cause a lot of gas and bloating.
  • The Premier Protein Shakes are undoubtedly loved by many people. However, they are a bit too pricey and therefore not many people can afford to purchase them often.
  • Some people say that the Premier Protein bars have an odd taste.

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