Orgain Organic Protein Powder – A Nourishment for Professionals
Orgain Organic Protein Powders Review

Orgain Organic Protein Powder – A Nourishment for Professionals


Good nutrition is a valuable aspect of great health. A healthy diet should be rich in nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals. Finding all this in a meal while on the go can be a very arduous task. That is why healthy protein shakes were made to make it easy for health enthusiasts to stay on track with their health goals while working through their busy schedules.

The aspect of protein and protein supplements in diets has been greatly misconstrued by most to mean only animal protein or dairy and meat products. However, plant-based proteins also exist and are a much-preferred option for most due to their superior quality of protein.

Protein powders

Protein powders such as the Orgain Organic protein powder were made to give the dietary supplements of vegan protein in your health shake. This vegan protein powder is made from protein derived from organic plants like hemp and brown rice. In this review, we will look at the ingredients and the benefits of supplementing your diet with Orgain Protein Powder.

Reviews have placed Orgain protein powders at the top of the list of the best protein powders. Besides being a high quality vegan product, it was developed by a doctor who only knew too well the benefits one could derive from the protein powder.

What is Orgain Organic Protein Powder?

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Review by Every Nutrient

Orgain Organic protein powder is a plant-based product with a smooth and delicious flavor. It is rich in organic fiber and is available in either sweet vanilla bean or chocolate fudge flavor. The beauty with this protein powder is that everything that has been used to make it is organic and plant-based.

There are 21 grams of USDA approved organic plant protein in this protein powder. This plant protein is mainly derived from brown rice, chia seeds, hemp and peas. It is not easy for vegans to find a good protein powder supplement as most of them turn out to be lumpy and tasteless. Strict vegetarians can use this product to supplement their protein intake. There is no gritty or chalky taste in the Orgain protein shake, unlike in most similar shakes.

Nutritional Similarities in Orgain protein powder

The different flavors have a slightly different composition but the nutritional composition remains the same in both. Both flavors contain:

  • Zero gluten
  • 21 grams of USDA organic protein in every serving
  • 5 grams organic fiber with every serving
  • Chia seed, hemp, pea and brown rice proteins
  • Zero artificial and added sugar
  • Kosher
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • No soy protein
  • 2 rounded scoops with 20 servings

The nutritional similarities in both flavors include:

  • A calorie count of 150
  • 40 calories Fat
  • 13g Carbs
  • 4 grams Fat
  • 125mg Sodium
  • 60mg Potassium
  • 5g Sugar alcohol
  • 5g Fiber
  • 21g Protein
  • 1g Sugar
  • 15% Iron
  • 4% Calcium

Ingredients in Orgain Protein Powder

The ingredients used in both flavors of the protein powder are quite similar save for a few differences. Both contain:

  • Orgain organic protein blend
  • Organic high oleic sunflower oil
  • Organic pea protein
  • Organic sprouted chia seed protein
  • Organic hemp protein
  • Organic brown rice protein
  • Organic rice bran extract
  • Organic erythritol
  • Organic inulin
  • Organic guar gum
  • Organic rice dextrins
  • Organic stevia
  • Organic natural flavors
  • Organic acacia gum
  • Xanthan gum
  • Sea salt
  • Monk fruit
  • Rosemary extract

The only difference between the two is the addition of organic cocoa to the creamy chocolate fudge for flavor.

Health benefits of Orgain protein powder

The Orgain Organic protein shake is a product that will be helpful in supplementing the amount of protein you need in your diet every day. The good thing about this protein powder is that you receive high quality protein content from organic plant sources for your dietary needs.

Who would benefit from the use of Orgain protein powder?

The Orgain protein powder is not only recommended for athletes. It is a product that anyone can use, including:

  • Busy career people who hardly find time to have a good meal
  • Parents who require nutritious meals to help them keep up with parenting
  • Busy students looking for an alternative to sugar shakes and caffeine
  • People struggling with weight issues who need to stay on track
  • People who desire to have more of organic foods on their tables
  • Athletes who need protein before or after their workouts

It is important to note that this organic protein powder does not fully replace meals. It is simply a supplementary addition to a diet.

Why is this protein powder preferred by most?

Most individuals interested in incorporating protein shakes into their diets prefer going for the best and healthiest options available. Protein shakes made using Orgain Organic protein score highly in the following aspects:

  1. Availability
  2. Macros
  3. Taste
  4. Ingredients

1. Availability

This protein powder is available in most retail shops. Orgain has expanded the availability of its products all the way into larger retail spheres.

2. Macros

This product does well in this category due to its moderate 13g carb content and 21g protein content. It is low in fat with very low levels of sugar and sodium. The fiber content stands at 5g. The carb content can still be lowered further and more protein added.

3. Taste

Products with the best ingredients often have the worst taste. While there is not really much to taste in this product, the overall taste of the product is not offensive. There is only a slight hint of chocolate and brown rice in the creamy chocolate fudge flavor. Blending it with fruits like bananas can enhance the taste in order to make it easy to consume.

4. Ingredients

The protein powder is made from organic food ingredients that are very good for you. The binding agents they have used are quite decent and the sweeteners are all natural. This assures you that you are consuming a product that is good and nutritious for your health.

How to use Orgain Organic Protein

This protein powder is easy to use and resembles most others. Two round scoops of the powder approximately measuring 46 grams should be added to between 8 – 10oz of fluid. A thick smoothie-like consistency will be achieved when the protein powder is added to 8oz of liquid, while 10oz achieves more of a shake.

You may decide to use water if you are in a hurry to make the protein shake. You can also add the protein powder to either soy milk, regular cow’s milk, coconut milk or even almond milk for extra nutrition. You also have the option of experimenting more with different recipes of smoothies while maintaining the right consistency.

Adding blended fruits like bananas, frozen berries, mango and strawberry can spice up the flavor of your protein shake. The vanilla flavored protein powder goes well with green smoothies to give you the boost of nutrition you may need.

More about Orgain

If you look carefully, you will find that most of the protein powders available in the market today are made from synthetic ingredients. However, Orgain is a company that focuses on making the best protein powder from all natural organic ingredients. The founder of Orgain, Dr. Andrew Abraham began the company after learning that he could fight cancer with whole organic foods.

The goal of Orgain is to make nutritional products that help its users to gain energy, health and life. Other products made by Orgain include ready-to-drink beverages and shakes for children, organic nutritional shakes for vegans, and basic forms of protein powder. Orgain’s most impressive product currently is the organic vegan protein powder.

Other products from Orgain

There are other different organic nutrition shakes made by Orgain that are tailored for different demographics. Some are made for bodybuilders, others for vegans and others are made for kids. These products include:

  1. Orgain’s Original Nutrition Shake
  2. Orgain’s 25g Protein Shake
  3. Orgain’s Vegan Nutritional Shake
  4. Orgain’s Healthy Kids Nutritional Shake


Orgain Organic Nutrition Shakes Review by Every Nutrient

Orgain’s original Nutritional shake contains a fair share of vegetables, fruits and 23 various minerals and vitamins. The 4 different shake flavors of iced café mocha, strawberries & cream, sweet vanilla bean and creamy chocolate fudge each deliver 16 grams of organic protein from a blend of whey concentrate.


Orgain Organic 25g Protein Shakes Review by Every Nutrient

Another product from Orgain that is made mostly for bodybuilders is the 25g organic protein shake. It has 25g of organic protein, 3g of carb content and 150 calories. The main flavors available with this protein shake are creamy chocolate fudge and sweet vanilla bean. The protein is derived from whey and milk protein concentrates. This is ideal for helping in the growth of body muscle and even for enhancing an athlete’s performance naturally.


Orgain-Plant-Based-Organic-Vegan-Nutrition-Shakes Review by Every Nutrient

This product derives protein from a blend of plants like flax, hemp, brown rice and chia. There is an additional blend of vegetables and fruits as well as 21 minerals and vitamins. The vegan nutritional shake is available in sweet vanilla bean and smooth chocolate flavors.


Orgain-Kids-Protein-Organic-Nutritional-Shakes Review by Every Nutrient

This nutrition product from Orgain is bound to help kids begin living a healthy lifestyle at an early age. The shake consists of 8g protein together with 23 vitamins & minerals and a blend of vegetables and fruits. The shakes are vegan but not organic. Fussy eaters are a target demographic for this nutrition shake. Parents who want their children to eat healthy on the go can also choose to purchase this nutritious protein shake to supplement their meals.

Making Orgain Purchases

Orgain organic protein products are great products for supplementing your diet with the necessary nutrition. Their products can be bought from retailers both offline and online. 

Ready to drink supplements can also be purchased from a variety of supplement stores. It is possible to order their products in bulk online or from a local retail shop. Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to enjoy a 10% discount when ordering products from the manufacturer’s website.

Costco is one of the places where you will find the price of a product being lower than in the manufacturer’s website. The Healthy Kids shakes are the lowest priced of all their products and the range between the cost per piece in a bulk order and that of a single piece is the smallest. A bulk order will definitely be cheaper for you, especially if you are a regular user of these nutritious products.

Final Word

The nutritional building blocks for your body are mainly proteins. The breakdown of proteins into amino acids provides us with the nutrition we need to grow our muscles, ligaments, organs and generally the whole body. The ideal sources of protein are quite scarce despite an individual’s ability to meet their dietary allocations on a daily basis.

A huge percentage of protein is obtained from animal protein, but this is not the ideal source for good health. Vegetarians may easily lack a good source of protein. Numerous manufacturers have made many different kinds of meal supplements targeting various demographic groups.

Orgain has developed high-quality protein products that are organic to supplement a healthy diet. Vegans are also well taken care of with a consumable powder product manufactured by Orgain to supplement their diets.

This organic protein product is not only good for vegans, but it is also suitable for people who are watching their health, athletes who want to build their muscles and even busy career people who want that to go the extra mile in their nutrition. This protein powder comes highly recommended for anyone who is keen on growing some extra lean muscle.

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