Figs - Nutrition Information, Health Benefits of Figs
Health Benefits of Figs


Nutrition Information, Health Benefits of Figs

Figs contain large amounts of fiber, natural sugars, and minerals. They are an excellent source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and managanese.

Due to figs having a high content of fiber, they are often recommended to nourish and tone the intestines. Because they are a good source of potassium, they are also effective in helping to control blood pressure. Since figs are among the most highly alkaline foods, they are beneficial in supporting the proper pH of the body. Studies have shown that fig leaves have antidiabetic properties and can actually reduce the amount of insulin needed by persons with diabetes who require insulin injections.

Studies have also shown that fig leaves are effective in lowering levels of triglycerides. Results of test-tube studies revealed that fig leaves inhibited the growth of certain types of cancer cells.

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