GNC Total Lean Shake Review – Hunger Controller | Lean Muscle Toner
GNC Total Lean Shakes for Healthy Weight Loss

GNC Total Lean Shakes Review – A Meal Replacement Lean Shake For Healthy Weight loss

In recent times, many people are becoming more health conscious. They are embracing the need to adopt good healthy eating habits, controlling their portions, and keeping their bodies well-nourished with sufficient nutrients.

One of the methods many weight watchers are using is meal replacement products. These come in different types and flavors. While some of them come in bars, most of them like the GNC total lean shake are in powder form.

The GNC total lean shake is a product that promises to replace up to two meals per day. It has been described as effective for weight loss although some reviews have sought to dispute that fact.

There are numerous online reviews about this lean shake. Many of the users have a lot of positive comments for the product. Some of them however offer contradicting reviews. The GNC total lean shake which was launched in 2009 is perhaps the most discussed lean shake so far.

What are GNC Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacements are powders, bars or drinks whose purpose is to replace solid meals. The GNC shake meal replacement can be used by people for various reasons. Many people use them for total weight loss and development of lean muscles. However, they can be used by busy people with little time to prepare food. In some instances, they can be prescribed by the doctor as supplements.Contrary to popular belief, meal replacements are not necessarily protein shakes. These two have differences.

What are GNC Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes often come in powder form. One can easily get ready to drink protein shakes. Usually, they are intended to substitute solid proteins because the body takes long to digest solids.

The GNC protein shakes are gaining popularity among body and muscle builders. They are consumed immediately after workouts to nourish the body and help build lean muscles. Protein shakes are easy to digest.

While meal replacements contain all the nutrients that the body requires, a protein shake wholesomely contains only proteins.

GNC Lean Shake Nutritional Composition

When looking for a shake, one should know why they need it. Only then can they be able to choose the right shake. The GNC Total Lean Shake is a line of comprehensive products. They have been formulated to assist different groups of people towards their goals. These are;

  • Novices in the weight loss program
  • People looking to grow lean muscles
  • People who want to nourish their bodies with adequate nutrients
  • Those who are in an existing weight loss program.

Calorie per serving

A container of GNC total shake weighs 27 oz. It comes with a scoop to help the user measure their servings. Every serving is supposed to be equal to two scoops. The container has about 16 servings. For every serving, one gains 180 calories, inclusive of fat.

Minerals and Vitamins

The GNC Total Shake contains a load of vitamins and minerals. Each mineral and vitamin plays an important role in the body as seen below.


Calcium is said to form a big percentage of the minerals present in the body. Apart from strengthening teeth and bones, it works to regulate blood clotting and cell signaling among other roles. It also decreases the chances of contracting some diseases.

Calcium can hinder the normal functioning of other minerals in the body. In such cases, doctors may recommend supplements for those minerals. All in all its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


The body needs only small amounts of this mineral to stay healthy. It helps the body produce antioxidants which are essential for keeping free radicals at bay. It also prevents some health complications and diseases.


Potassium helps the body inhibit blood pressure. It boosts development of lean muscles and aids digestion.

Vitamin E

This vitamin has got a load of antioxidant elements. It lowers chances of contracting cancer and reduces cholesterol levels. For years, this vitamin has been used in the cosmetic industry. It has properties which help nourish the skin and hair.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can be derived from foods and supplements. This is one of the many vitamins contained in the GNC Total Shake. It prevents heart diseases, controls blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

It is a brain development booster and helps curb anemia, controls and improves one's moods, and several other benefits.


Also known as vitamin B2, this water-soluble vitamin should be replenished daily. It assists the body to break down essential nutrients for the production of energy. A deficiency of riboflavin can cause serious health complications.


Thiamin is also known as vitamin B1. It helps the body break down foods and transform them into energy. It is a metabolism and immunity booster. It also prevents the destruction of nerves.

Folic Acid

It is an important B vitamin essential in pregnancy. It also aids the production of new body cells.


The thyroid gland is one of the most vital glands in the body. Iodine helps the thyroid gland I in boosting the production of hormones which regulate metabolism. It also enhances the immunity system.

Pantothenic Acid

Also known as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid is widely known for its immense benefits in preventing many health complications. It also boosts immunity.

Other Minerals contained in the GNC Total shake are;

  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Molybdenum
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium

Advantages of the GNC Total Lean Shake


1. It contains a good amount of fiber. This helps inhibit appetite, control cravings and boosts digestion.

2. They are easy and convenient to use.

3. Users can blend them in any liquid of their choice.

4. The inclusion of 21 minerals and vitamins ensures that the body gets total nourishment.

5. The GNC total lean shake contains low amounts of fat.

6. Despite the negative reviews, there have been satisfied customers. They appreciated the goodness of the shake saying it helped them lose weight.

The downside of the GNC Total Shake


1. According to some lean shake review, customers said it has an unpleasant taste. The shake contains little amounts of sugar which can be the reason for the not so good taste.

2. Continued research indicates that the flavors are artificial. This aspect does not go down well especially with health fanatics.

3. The GNC shake lacks the credibility to be rated as a meal replacement. This is because it contains fewer proteins.

4. It contains high levels of cholesterol due to the use of milk concentrate protein.

5. This shake has a high-calorie count.

6. The high-calorie levels is discouraging to people looking to lower their calorie consumption

7. According to a total lean shake review; users reported that it did not control hunger.

8. This shake lacks scientific clarity. Despite the fact that the manufacturers state that it is clinically tested, reports indicate otherwise.

9. The GNC total shake's price does not complement its nutrient factor.

GNC Lean Shake Flavors

The GNC Lean Shake is available in a variety of flavors. Going through the GNC Lean Shake reviews reveals that users have different preferences. Some of the flavors that received great commendations include;

  • French vanilla
  • Orange cream
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
GNC Total Lean Shakes Review by Every Nutrient

The chocolate flavor especially received very good reviews. Users appreciated the fact that it can be blended into a thicker consistency. The GNC total lean shake consistency may vary according to different flavors. However, that was not so much of concern according to customer reviews.

GNC Lean Shake Reviews

Save for the high pricing of the GNC total lean shake, there were many reviews that showed users appreciated the product. According to the calorie composition in this shake, people with active lives may find it a good healthy option.

Some GNC lean shake reviews indicated that users experienced complications such as bloating, stomach gas, headaches etc. This can be as a result of the body trying to adapt to the new program. Additionally, it can be the body's way of detoxifying itself.

The preferred consistency depends on the user. While some users many find it light, others are fine with it. Other reviews indicated that users added natural flavors to sweeten their shakes. Some of them found the GNC total lean shake flavor just fine.

GNC Lean Shakes contain antioxidants. These prevent free radicals and fight cancer. Research indicates that antioxidants contribute to general health. Different antioxidants play different roles in the body. They prevent skin damage and boost the immune system.

Total lean shakes are designed to replace meals. One can choose to replace one or two meals in a day. It is not advisable to replace more than two meals using the shake.


GNC total lean shake is a good health product especially for those who can easily afford it. However, research and customer reviews indicate that there are cheaper shakes which may contain high amounts of proteins than the GNC lean shake.

GNC total lean shakes can be purchased online. It is advisable to research and go through reviews before deciding on buying any product. Some reviews from enthusiastic GNC lean shake users sought to find out whether the shake could be thickened. There are many ways that one can use to thicken this shake. It is, however, important to rely on organic thickening agents.

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