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Coconut Water is the Natural Sports Drink Review by Every Nutrient

Coconut Water is the Natural Sports Drink

If you crack open a coconut, the clear juice that runs out is coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk) and it’s the latest rage in sports drinks. Coconut water has the same electrolyte balance as our blood, making it a better choice than other sports drinks for re-hydrating after a strenuous workout […]

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Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts Review by Every Nutrient

Coconut Water – Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and History

The history, nutrition facts and health benefits of coconut water are good to know because it’s becoming a very popular sports drink and healthy, lifestyle beverage. Coconut water has been receiving a lot of positive press in 2010, because it’s wonderful health benefits. It’s mostly recognized for its ability to rehydrate the human body and […]

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Coconut Water Health Benefits Review by Every Nutrient

Coconut Water Health Benefits – 5 Ways to Optimal Health

Coconut water- is it a new fad drink that celebrities carry around or a centuries-old health aid? It’s both, and the wisdom of the ancients has met up with the 21st century life in using pure natural foods like water from green coconuts for a healthy lifestyle. To step on the road to optimal health, […]

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Coconut Water is the Best Review by Every Nutrient

Want a Health Drink? Coconut Water is the Best

Coconut water has always been looked upon as nature’s gift to mankind for health. You will hardly find anyone who dislikes it. At Survival of the Fitness, we could not find a health drink better than this. Let us discuss some of the important properties of this great energy giver. After Your Gym Sessions You […]

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Coconut Water Skincare Review by Every Nutrient

Coconut Water Skincare

In countries around the world, women know that coconut water is good for their skin and bodies inside and out. Drinking this liquid from the young green coconuts and also applying it to your skin combines health benefits that could help immediately. Those who drink coconut water report that their skin becomes smoother, and they […]

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Coconut Waters Review by Every Nutrient

Coconut Water – Health Benefits and Information You Need to Know

Coconuts are always a tasty treat and usually we add the meat to desserts, most people fear that coconuts are fattening and bad for you, this is quite far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, pure coconut water is actually quite healthy, does NOT make you gain weight, and can actually help you lose […]

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Benefits of the Acai Berry Review by Every Nutrient

Acai Ultimate – Benefits of the Acai Berry

Everyone wants to lose weight. Well, not everyone, but statistically speaking, there is a majority of Americans that are technically overweight and are searching for an answer to help them get fit. After all, who doesn’t want to look great and feel good? You know about the hundreds – no, probably thousands – of weight […]

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Nutritional Benefits of Camu Camu Review by Every Nutrient

Nutritional Benefits of Camu Camu

Camu-Camu (myrciara dubia) is a small bushy tree in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru and Brazil. The camu-camu bush bears a red/purple cherry like fruit (about the size of a grape) which contains powerful photochemical and bioflavonoids. The camu-camu fruit has more natural Vitamin C than any other known botanical plant. In addition, camu-camu provides […]

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Camu Camu Review by Every Nutrient

Camu Camu High in Vitamin C

Camu Camu is a bush which grows in the Amazonian forest of Peru. This bush produces a fruit which is named, respectively, camu camu. This fruit has powerful phytochemicals which contain a lot of health benefits for the human body. This fruit contains amino acids serine, valine, leucine, and more vitamin C than any known […]

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Ancient Golden Inca Berries Review by Every Nutrient

Ancient Golden Inca Berries – Today’s Organic Superfood

According to Wikipedia, the Inca civilization began as a tribe in the Cuzco area where the legendary first Sapa Inca, Manco Capac founded the Kishawan of Cuzco around 1200. Under the leadership of the descendants of Manco Capac, the small state grew as it started to absorb other Andean communities. In 1442, the Incas began […]

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