10 Best Derma Roller Reviews - Top Brand Face Roller Usage Guide
Best Derma Roller Reviews

10 Best Derma Roller Reviews – Top Brand Face Roller Usage Guide

The beauty industry is a multibillion industry that is not going out of vogue any time soon. Women the world over are constantly seeking for ways to look more beautiful. Flawless skin is especially the most sought after by millions of women. There are many skin remedies that exist for acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and many other skin conditions. Derma rolling is one such remedy that has gained recent popularity. It works really well for these conditions.

What is Derma Rolling?

The first step is to explain what a derma roller is. A derma roller is a small handheld tool that contains hundreds of tiny titanium needles, while some have flat rollers that use ice therapy. Derma rolling involves running the derma roller over your skin. The tiny needles penetrate the outer layer of your skin and causing micro- injuries. Your skin interprets this as trauma and this causes collagen to rise to the surface and attempts to repair the skin.

What is a Derma Roller Used For?

Derma rolling gets rid of acne scars or any other irregularity on the skin. Derma rolling also aids the skin in better absorption of whatever skin products you may decide to use. Derma rolling exfoliates and increases blood flow which is essential for cleaning out pores and giving you radiant skin. The Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller is one such derma roller that is great for the minimization of irritations. It revitalizes your skin, prevents wrinkles and can be used safely on your eye area to sooth away fatigue.

However, not all rollers are made from needles. Some rollers are made from stones such as jade and are used to sooth irritated or puffy skin. They are also used to massage the skin for better circulation, and to smooth away wrinkles.

Derma Roller – Does it Work?

Derma rolling is highly effective. It is very pocket friendly as compared to some procedures like microdermabrasion or chemical peels. It is not painful, heals fast and makes it a favorite for many. How effective it really is a frequently asked question. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels work with the outer skin Derma rolling puts in motion a process of collagen rebuilding beneath the skin. When the skin suffers an injury, it naturally heals itself best by producing more collagen. The resulting skin after self -repair is always better looking skin. It has several advantages that prove it actually works.

There are many rollers in the market that serve different purposes, and costs also differ. All in all, it is less costly than many available procedures, and the best of it is that you can do it yourself.

Derma rollers have many uses other than micro needling. As mentioned earlier, not all derma rollers consist of needles.

Some rollers are made of stone, the most common being Jade. Jade is said to have healing properties and stays cool to the touch, no matter how long it has been in contact with the skin. Some derma rollers like the Visage Health and Beauty Ice Roller Massager for the face works best in the morning immediately after waking up. It massages the face to prevent skin from sagging and to get rid of puffiness.

How can Derma Rollers Help Your Skin?

Derma rolling is effective in the stimulation of the skin to produce collagen. Reports from those who do derma rolling indicate that all of them have had increased skin suppleness. Our skin tends to sag and lose its suppleness as we grow older. Derma rolling addresses this issue effectively. Angel Kiss Derma Ice Roller is best for this purpose. It revitalizes your skin by preventing wrinkles from forming and gives you an amazing face lift. This derma roller reviews online rate it as highly effective.

The new collagen acts filler for wrinkles and facial lines and increases skin elasticity. The recommended best derma roller would be none other than the LowPricenice Facial Massage Jade roller. It is relatively new in the market, but does wonderfully well in boosting blood circulation and increasing skin surface metabolism and delaying skin ageing. It substantially reduces stretch marks.

The production of collagen by the micro needles in the derma roller goes a long way in reducing stretch marks. Several sessions with a derma roller are needed before a change is noted.

It can reduce hair loss and coax hair growth in bald spots. Use of a derma roller has been known to stimulate hair follicles into becoming active again.

Acne is nasty and can leave ugly scars, and is common with a lot of people. Acne scars occur when the skin tissue is damaged and fibrous tissue that is abnormal in nature replaces it. This results in that area having a different pigmentation from the rest of the skin. The face attracts the most attention and acne scars can make you suffer from low self –esteem.

Derma rolling is very popular with acne scar removal and most people use it for this purpose. There are several different sizes of derma rollers and it is imperative that you know which the best derma roller to buy. The best derma rollers for acne are those rollers with tiny needles that are 0.25mm to 0.33mm long. Derma roller reviews are extremely important as not all rollers are effective. You should never roll directly on zits, rather around them. There are two types of acne scars:

Keloid/Hypertrophic or Raised Scars

These are those scars when the skin gets infected while healing or when the skin produces excess collagen. These scars appear as red and raised lumps. A derma roller should not be used on this type of scarring. A face roller stimulates the production of collagen. Keloids are formed as a result of collagen overproduction and derma rolling would just make them worse.

Ice Pick, Rolling Scars, Box scars

These are the most common types, and looks like the skin is indented, in comparison to the raise ones in keloid scars. In this case, the skin does not produce enough collagen. They tend to be difficult to get rid of as it’s hard to stimulate the skin to produce collagen.


This occurs when the damaged skin surrounding the acne becomes darker. It is very common and takes about four weeks to clear, sometimes even longer.

Types of Derma rollers

There are very many types of derma rollers in the market. It pays to be vigilant and do your due diligence in researching on the best derma roller brands to buy. Some people may be allergic to the nickel in surgical steel. There are several differences that are clear between titanium and steel.


The most important bit in a dermaroller is to make sure it is durable and will not go blunt or wear out too fast. When a face roller is blunt, it becomes pretty painful to use. Titanium alloy is definitely a much stronger option and does not lose its edge. Ask friends who have used these products. The derma roller reviews will go a long way in helping you decide.


In terms of hygiene however, steel is more hygienic. Sometimes the titanium can be gold, silver or copper plated to increase sterility. Steel has low toxicity levels and is more suitable in this context.

Steel seems to be the go to option in derma rollers; mostly due to its low toxicity level. That is why it is used in surgery, or in tattoo parlors. The one advantage titanium has over steel is its strength. The best derma roller to go for would be steel, mainly due to its toxicity level. Preventing infections should be top of your list. Again, the derma roller reviews come in handy in making a decision. If customers like the product, it says a lot about what your choices are.

How to Choose The Best Derma Roller?

There are hundreds of face rollers in the market. Choosing the best one almost seems like a herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. The simplest thing is to first read the online derma roller reviews from previous customers. Using the wrong quality of derma roller can cause more harm than good. There are several things you ought to consider before buying one.

Needle Size

If you intend to use a face roller, the best derma roller needs to be one with a needle length of either 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.00mm. Any needle longer than 1.00mm should be used for the body. These are the best for wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and acne scars.

Needle Thickness

Derma rollers with thick needles are specifically for the body. The best derma roller should be made from very fine needles. Needles above 0.07mm can cause collagenase or collagen breaking down. After using a face roller, you can always use any ice roller like the Olssda Ice Skin Roller to soothe the irritated skin. It only needs to be placed in the freezer for 15 minutes and stays cool for up to 2 hours of use.

Needle Quality

Choose good quality needles. There are titanium needles which are very strong, and there are some steel needles that are of poor quality and bend easily. After looking at the pros and cons of both steel and titanium, it is your prerogative to choose what suits you best, Titanium is strong, yet it does not beat steel’s level of toxicity.

Number of Needles

The best needles are those that are tightly packed and have 540 needles. The earlier version of 200 needles is widely spaced. It is painful to use and does nothing to stimulate collagen growth like the 540 needles.

Has a Detachable Head

The best derma roller should have a detachable head and a roller for those hard to reach spots. It should have a 0.25mm or 0.75mm needle for the eye area which is very sensitive. After dermarolling this sensitive eye area, an ice roller like the Xcellent Global Ice roller is recommended. This face roller is perfect for massaging the eye area and temples. It helps relieve pain and the best part about it is that it is a combination of massage and cold therapy which is a known remedy for inflammation caused by anything from derma rolling to dermabrasion or chemical peels. A derma roller kit should always comprise of several detachable heads for different parts of the face.

Best Derma Roller Reviews 2017


Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller

The Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller is great for minimizing the effects of cosmetic procedures. It gets rid of any subsequent redness, irritation, and swelling. We all want to look young and this roller works pretty well to prevent wrinkles from forming. Use it every morning to revitalize your face, neck and chest.

When you are feeling fatigued, you can use it on your eyes too. The amazing extra benefit is that it can be used as a pain reliever for insect bites and burns. It comes with a detachable head that is unbreakable even if it is dropped. The head is also solid enough not to break under applied pressure.


Visage Health And Beauty Ice Roller Massager

The Visage Health and Beauty Ice Roller Massager can be used as a skin toner prior to makeup application. It shrinks down your pores and tightens your skin. Once you apply makeup, it will come out looking flawless. The Visage roller works well to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness. It works well as a body massager and a pain reliever from migraines and other body pains.

The massager also works as a fever and sunburn reliever. To boost circulation, skin revitalization and to reduce wrinkles, this roller is perfectly suited for this job. Its steel head is well suited for many professionals. This is due to its ability to stay cooler for longer in comparison to plastic.


Angel Kiss Derma Ice Roller

The Angel Kiss Derma Ice Roller can be used to relieve stress. Use it to massage and rid the face of wrinkles. At the same time, it helps to relieve muscle and nerve pain. For a face lift and revitalization of the skin, use it every morning when you wake up.


Lowpricenice Facial Massage Jade Roller

It is a high quality product that is new in the market. It is a roller that encourages blood circulation. It prevents wrinkle formation by delaying the aging of the skin. The Lowpricenice massager is a long lasting roller that needs gentle use. It is made from the jade stone which has been used for centuries and is said to have healing properties.


Achi Roller Anti-Aging Jade Roller

The Chi Roller is made from 100% jade. The jade stone stays cool to the touch even after contact with the skin. It comes with a user manual and is of extremely high quality. The fact that it stays cold even after skin contact helps to close pores. This keeps your skin tight and revitalized. It is a perfect roller to help maintain youthful looking skin and to prevent wrinkles.


Esarora Ice Roller For Face

Facial dropsy can be eased by using the ESARORA Ice Roller for Face. Use it every morning when you wake up for the best results. When fatigued, massage the temple and eye sockets with it to bring relief.

For dry skin relief and to remove wrinkles, use this massager every day. It shrinks pores and soothes sunburn. For those females going through menopause, it cools down hot flashes.it also reduces neck and face redness.


Sparkling White Smiles Skin Derma Ice Roller

The Sparkling White Smiles is a pain reliever that acts as a first aid for sunburn and sport injuries. It also relieves aching muscles and counters inflammation due to arthritis.

It is perfect for bringing down swellings caused by insect bites. You can use it as a stress reliever by massaging the face and neck. It effectively chases away wrinkles and age spots. This massager reduces puffiness and dark circles that form under the eyes. It works well to reduce cellulite and as a skin revitalizer.

The Sparkling White Smiles Massager keeps cool for up to two hours. It is great for bringing down inflammation and redness caused by cosmetic procedures and is good ice therapy for sports. Best of all, it is reusable and has an instruction manual.


Olssda Ice Skin Roller

The Olssda Ice Skin Roller only needs to be put in a freezer for 15 minutes and it’s good to go for up to 2 hours. It is best used in the morning to keep facial dropsy at bay. No batteries or plug in is needed. It serves as a reliever for hot flashes for menopausal ladies.

Reduces sunburn and reduces wrinkles. This massager comprises of a steel head which is highly rated by cosmetic and dermatology professionals. It stays cooler for longer than the plastic head.


Xcellent Global Ice Roller

The Xcellent Global Ice Roller improves on circulation. The massager reduces the pores, which in turn reduces breakouts. It lifts the face considerably, reduces eye puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

It relieves sunburn and insect bites, as well as a muscle strain reliever. You can use it to relieve fatigue by massaging the temple and eye area.


Forliver Skincare Roller

The Forliver Skincare Roller Face is a derma roller that can be used to prevent anti-aging on both body and face. It regenerates the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. It has 0.25mm needles and is perfect for the removal of acne scars.

It can be used to rid the skin of wrinkles and fine lines, and the result is better looking and radiant skin.

Benefits of Derma Rolling

There are many advantages to derma rolling. It may sound intimidating to many at the mention of needles. The interesting part about dermarolling is that it is not painful.

Getting Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen as we age. Our skin loses elasticity and derma rolling greatly helps to improve the production of collagen. The production of this collagen reduces the visibility of the wrinkles and with regular derma rolling, they disappear. Using a face roller also helps in prevention of premature skin ageing by helping the skin in the absorption of anti -aging products you use.

Removing Scars

Scars are nasty and unsightly. This is perhaps the most popular reason why people do derma rolling. Scars could be anything from acne scars to surgical scars. Derma rolling breaks up old scar tissues and stimulates the production of collagen to repair the skin.

Reducing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the production of excess melanin and is brought about by acne of prolongs sun exposure. It mostly occurs in people with a darker skin tone. This also works for age spots

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a woman’s worst enemy next to acne scars. Derma rolling effectively reduces stretch marks. Several sessions have to be undergone before you can see any changes.


The most common problem is acne. A face roller works really well with acne scars. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars going for chemical peels or dermabrasion, derma rolling works much better.


This skin disorder initiates skin redness that can easily break down collagen. It is caused by a variety of factors like beverages or temperature changes. Derma rolling works in the same way it does for acne scars by producing skin repairing collagen.

Reducing Enlarged Pores

Most people have large pores, especially around the nose area. Using a face roller around those areas can produce collagen that goes into filling these large pores. Derma rolling cannot change your genetic predisposition which determines what size your pores are, but it can help to close them up a bit.

Tackling Hair Loss

Derma rolling can help to stimulate hair growth. It can be used to counteract the effects of alopecia, otherwise known as male baldness. Derma Rolling can increase hair growth by the release of endothelial factor that accelerates hair growth, increases the hair follicle size and ultimately increases hair growth.

Scar removal is popular because nobody wants to walk around with a scarred face especially. The unfortunate thing is that acne is here to stay, and we can only work towards countering the effects. Acne scarring is unsightly and gives a lot of people sleepless nights wondering how to get rid of the scars.

Most skin treatments cost a lot of money, and only work the upper skin layer. Derma rolling is the cheapest and very effective in removing the scars. The best thing about it being you can do it yourself at home. A Youyaner derma roller is the perfect embodiment of a good derma roller. It has detachable roller heads and the needles are made of titanium. It also comes with 540 needles. The derma roller kit also comes with a numbing cream.

The fact that a derma roller can be used for multiple purposes makes it even more appealing. Cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles can all be a thing of the past. All you need to do is identify the best roller by doing checking the derma roller reviews. It is also vital to know the micro-needle reviews so you know what exactly you are getting.​

Find out all you need to know about needle length, needle thickness and everything else that will help you in your quest to remove scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. This helps you in making informed decisions. Pair the micro-needle derma rollers with ice rollers that go a long way in soothing the irritation caused by the derma rolling. These face rollers are good for reducing wrinkles without the irritation or inflammation. They give your skin a face lift and reduce skin dropping, especially when used in the morning after you wake up. Do your due diligence and research on derma roller reviews on the internet.​

Common Mistakes People Make While Derma Rolling

Dermal Rolling with a Disinfected Roller

A dirty roller is the worst mistake you can ever make. It may introduce bacteria into your skin and cause an infection of far worse magnitude.

Rolling too Hard

Rolling too hard does not mean that you will get better results as is the common misconception. The best way is to use moderate pressure while rolling. This ensures you do not overly irritate your skin and cause too much redness. The fact that the micro-needles punctured your skin, there will be collagen production. A face roller should be used with moderate pressure so as not to damage the skin.

Application of Toxic Products

After dermarolling, it is best recommended you wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup, sunscreen or tanning lotion. These products are not designed for deep absorption, and instead contain irritants that can cause severe irritation or inflammation.

Derma Rolling after Skin Procedures

You should never derma roll with microneedles after having a procedure like chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser or radiation. These procedures initiate collagen production by damaging your outer skin. The side effects of these procedures include inflammation and redness, which requires several weeks to heal. Derma rolling soon after may cause irritation and worse inflammation. Accutane is also a popular method of acne treatment. It tends to weaken the skin structure, causes sun sensitivity, irritation and slow healing among other side-effects.

Derma rolling would further worsen your skin. Wait at least 6- 12 months if you have recently had an Accutane procedure. The best derma roller to use after a procedure is the ESARORA Ice Roller for Face. It is a superb derma roller brand, and it helps to minimize whatever discomfort you feel after and soothes irritation and reduces redness. This face roller can also be used for multiple purposes. It is best used to sooth wrinkles away and is used on the eyes when you are feeling fatigued. You can also use it to relieve pain when you get burns, insect bites or any other minor injuries using melted ice.

If you are Under Medication

Some medications do not go well with derma rolling. If you are under medication that does not augur well with decreased healing, anti-coagulants or hypertensive medication, it is best to talk to your doctor first.

Not Waiting for Skin to Heal

Many people make the mistake of derma rolling several times a week or months before the skin is properly healed. Wait for the skin to heal before derma rolling again. The best derma roller to use for such instances would be the Sparkling White Smiles Skin Derma Ice Roller This massager is best used for a variety of purposes. In this context, this massager does really well in pain relieving. It can safely reduce the swelling after any procedure. It also goes a long way in reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Derma Roller FAQ’S

What size Derma Roller is Best for Acne Scars?

The best derma rollers that can be used daily, or on every other day, are rollers that are 0.25mm and 0.3mm.The rest, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5mm induce micro injuries to the skin and are likely to produce collagenase which is an enzyme responsible for breaking down collagen. 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm can be used after 4 to 6 weeks, while 1.5mm should be used every 6 to 8 weeks. This gives the inflammation time to go down and reduce the amount of collagenase produced.

How often do I use a Derma Roller?

Some rollers can actually be used every day. These do not have needles, but are made of stones like Jade. An excellent example is the Chi Roller Anti- aging Jade Roller. The Jade face roller dates back to the ancient Chinese who used it for smooth and wrinkle free skin. The Jade roller improves blood circulation, improves skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles and puffiness. It reduces dark circles that form under the eyes. Jade also tightens pores by virtue of remaining cold even under skin contact.

How to Care for your Derma Roller?

Your derma roller should be taken extreme care of. You should never use your derma roller kit without cleaning it first. A derma roller has the capacity to introduce harmful bacteria into your skin. You may end up with a nasty infection as a result. The recommendation is that you soak your derma roller in Isopropyl alcohol or Sodium Peroxide for 20-30 minutes before and after use. Hot water is not recommended as it may damage the plastic part of the roller. Do not spray the roller with disinfectant either. It does not do the job as well as soaking. Never share your derma roller with anyone else.

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