The Truth About Bottled Spring Water vs Purified Water
by Jon Stout
about spring water that the public should know:

  • Spring waters fluctuate in quality because the aquifers from which they emanate
    are constantly in a state of change.

  • Spring water companies rarely talk about "purity" rather they keep referring to
    "natural" inferring that "natural "means "healthy". Polluted rivers and streams
    are "natural" but clearly not healthy.

  • If a spring water company does claim to be 100% pure, that statement is
    misleading. The fact is that the "100% pure" refers not to the absence of
    impurities in the water, but to the source of the water itself. That is, 100% of
    the water in the bottle came from an underground source (i.e. a spring), rather
    than from a surface water source.

  • Spring water companies claim that their springs are "protected" but this tern
    needs further definition. The springs are not protected from contamination like
    acid rain, industrial pollution (TCE, Benzene, Perchlorinate, MTBE, Teflon PFOA,
    nitrates, fertilizers and a host of other pollutants.) The springs are only
    protected against unwanted visitors.

  • If it is processed it is usually only filtered to remove large particles.

  • Many springs produce water that contain so many impurities the water will not
    even meet municipal tap water standards.

  • Most spring water bottlers avoid issuing bottled water analysis reports because
    of the significant contamination that these reports would show.

  • Most companies do not bottle at the source instead trucking the water to

Purified Water-The Truth

Purified water is water that is processed usually by a steam distillation/oxygenation
process that is regulated and tested by the Food and Drug Administration of the
Federal Government. The standards are the toughest in the industry - in order to
qualify as "purified water" the water must test 99.9% pure.

  • Purified water represents the fastest growing segment of the bottled water
    industry mainly because it's purer than other types of waters. There is a definite
    health trend today toward healthy living and many health conscious consumers
    buy because they want something that's of a higher quality and purity than
    other options like tap water.

  • To meet the legal definition of "purified water", water impurities must be
    removed to meet the U.S. Pharmacopeia definition (99.9% pure) adopted by
    the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Purified water must be tested and the results made available to the public. Any
    reputable purified bottled water supplier will produce testing reports upon

  • The most effective process for purification of water is a steam
    distillation/ozonation process that creates pure, good tasting water. It produces
    water that is 100% water and 0% everything else.

  • Purified water suppliers have their water tested at regular intervals and the tests
    are available upon request. Unlike spring water companies, purified water
    companies are happy to share their test results.

When you compare purified water against spring water the truth is revealed: If you
want water that contains contaminants, is based upon hype, word parsing and
marketing exaggeration - then drink spring water. If you want to drink water that is
100% pure and provides a healthy lifestyle for you and your family - drink purified

About The Author

Jon M. Stout is Chairman of the Board of Element H2O. For more information about
bottled water,
purified drinking water and bottled water delivery [http://www.] go to
Spring Water - The Truth

Spring water bottled water
companies are very good about
manipulating the image of their water
and hiding the truth about purity.

Images about bubbling mountain
springs, fresh water glacier run off,
frothy fresh water streams and other
scenes that imply purity are nothing
more than hype and spin that would
make even the most seasoned
politician blush.

There is a wealth of information
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